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Trinity Lutheran College

Preparing students in business and medical fields to rebuild lives and their country.

Trinity Lutheran College trains students in nursing, midwifery, public health, computer science, and business to provide skills that allow them to gain employment. These skills will enhance the communities, improve health, and potentially allow students a way to move out of the refugee camps.

Refugees cannot live outside the camps unless they can earn a living and support themselves. Most refugees in the camps were once farmers and shepherds. Because they no longer have land, they cannot return to those vocations and need new skills. With the skills taught at Trinity Lutheran College, they can earn a living and leave the dehumanizing refugee camps. They can then work and serve other people as God intended.

Trinity Lutheran College (TLC) was established in the Fall of 2016 to prepare students for medical and business vocations. The college prepares students in business and medical fields to rebuild lives and their country.

TLC serves 2,500 students in 6 locations from towns and refugee camps in Ethiopia. The school has traditional fall and spring semesters and accelerated classes are provided in January, July, and August. TLC is open to students of all denominations and faith backgrounds and provides a welcoming academic environment for students and faculty.


The College has visiting faculty from the United States and Canada. Many of the faculty are also instructors at Gambella University.


TLC is currently under the oversight of the Lutheran Church of South Sudan in North America. We are licensed in Iowa under the Lutheran Church of South Sudan. The Lutheran Church of the Master in Omaha, Nebraska, hosts our programs and oversees our fundraising efforts.


Rev. Jordan Long

President of LCSS, TLS, & TLC

Peter Majak Hoth
Academic Dean

Chang Lul Tut
Finance Manager

Tut Bichiok
Head of Health Science Department

Jiechlat Dak
Head of FBE Department

Academic Programs

Gambella, Ethiopia

Bachelor’s Degrees

Accounting and Finance 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Human Resources Management

Tax and Customs


Public Administration


Banking and Finance

Marketing Management

Secretarial Management

Healthcare Fields

2-year degrees

Clinical Nursing - Learn More


Midwifery - Learn More

Public Health


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