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About the Trintity Lutheran College Nursing & Midwifery Programs

Training Nurses

The Problem

Nurses and midwives are in high demand throughout Ethiopia and Central Africa. Without any proper medical training, refugees are suffering from common illnesses and injuries, shortening their life expectancy.

The Impact

Nursery and midwifery programs at Trinity Lutheran College graduate 200 nurses and 50 midwives per year. The college has the best skills lab in the Gambella region and is in the process of gaining accreditation from the Ethiopian Government. Accredited colleges offer their students a better education and more employment opportunities.

The Goal

With your help, our goal is to continue to provide scholarships for nursing and midwifery students. Scholarships provide funds for tuition and a small stipend for food and other necessities. Many students are single parents without another source of income. The education gained will help graduates gain employment and provide health care to their families and community.

At Trinity Lutheran College (TLC) close to 200 nursing and 50 midwifery students graduate annually from Diploma or Baccalaureate programs. These are two of the largest graduating classes at TLC. Their curriculum is mandated from the national nursing accreditation department.

Recently, a clinical skills lab was added allowing students to practice skills such as catheterization, injections, and taking blood pressures. This skills lab is the only one in the Gambella Region. These students have access to anatomical models of the pelvis, skeleton and heart which dramatically enhances the classroom teaching.

Local physicians precept the Nursing and Midwifery students as they rotate clinical experiences in the two local hospitals during their education. Having the ability to obtain skills and education helps the students pass national boards and obtain jobs after graduation and provides much needed health care to families in the community. 

Donations to the library, computer labs, and building funds have helped the Trinity program move towards national accreditation.

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