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Sewing Brings Dignity

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

During a meeting with women leaders in the refugee camps, they shared of their need to generate income. There is no training in the camps and people are not allowed to hold jobs. They asked for sewing machines and grain grinders that they could share with the church group.

Three sewing machines have been provided to date. Two are manual and one is electric. There was such joy at the receipt of these and the possibilities that are now available because of the machines. Some of the first items the women made were blue robes to indicate membership in the women’s ministry.

The women have experienced satisfaction and joy in their ability to begin sewing not only vestments for church but also clothing for their kids and garments they can sew to sell to raise money for their necessities. A small group of women are being trained in basic sewing skills each month by a seamstress.

We hope to expand the program for more training and to provide more materials to extend the project.

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