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The Lutheran Church of South Sudan is one Synod with three districts, parishes and congregations. The three districts are Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria, and Gambella, each headed by a vice president and a dean. A district is an administrative subdivision with at least three parishes.  A parish is an administrative subdivision with five or more congregations. According to Article 7.02.02 of the church’s Bylaws, the LCSS recognizes 50 adults or more gathering for worship and Sacrament as a congregation.


Outside of the region, we have two Mission districts, the Kenya Mission District and the North American Mission District. These are part of the church body because of Gospel outreach to South Sudanese in those areas.

Synod Council

  1. Rev. Jordan M Long — President

  2. Rev. Julius Badigo — Vice President: Greater Equatoria District

  3. Rev. James Chieng Bol — Vice President: Greater Upper Nile District

  4. Rev. Bakoyo Thomas — Dean: Greater Equatoria District

  5. Rev. William Deng Lual — Dean: Upper Nile District

  6. Right Patrick Taban — Secretary

  7. James Tor Chol — Treasurer

  8. Rev. Samuel Tomothio — Information Officer

  9. Peter Riang Gatdun — Member

Greater Upper Nile District Council

​(Upper Nile, Jonglie and United States)​

  1. Rev. James Chieng Bol — Vice President

  2. Rev. William Deng Lual — Dean

  3. Rev. Simon Dep Puk — Secretary

  4. Pal Kun Chambang — Treasurer

  5. Peter Kuany Dup — Information officer

Greater Equatoria District Council

​(Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria States)

  1. Rev. Julius Badigo — Vice President

  2. Rev. Bakoya Thomas — Dean

  3. Right Patrick Taban — Secretary

  4. Rev. Charles Bringi — Treasurer

  5. Rev. Philip John — Information Officer

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